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We took the free shuttle bus over to the Novotel Citygate and got there in 10 minutes. Check-in was smooth and we were headed up to our room in no time. Snapped pics right away before freshening up. The room was a good size compared to the Sheraton in Kowloon that we stayed at in 2013. Woke up early next morning and decided to check out, check-in for our flight to Auckland and head into town.

View from the room in the morning:

Checking in for our Auckland flight – waited a minute before we were helped. We were connecting the same day into Queenstown and unfortunately Cathay indicated that all bags has to be collected for customs and could not be checked all the way through. Bummer!

First Class check in:

Some day, I will have the opportunity to check in there:

After the check in, we took the Airport Express over to Hong Kong Station:

Where we would catch the H1 bus to Pacific Place where the PYE store was located:

We parted with some nice T-shirts after using our free gift coupon from Cathay.

We then headed back to Hong Kong station to hit up Tim Ho Wan. I knew the line was going to be ridiculously long for sit down. We could have come here at 9am but asking the wife to get up early is tantamount to murder.

Ended getting take out which took 15 minutes. Forgot to take pics but you can see the bill and figure out what we ordered. 😀

Took the Airport Express back to get some relaxing time in at the lounge. Pic of the Novotel from the outside:

Next up – Lounging at the airport and our flight from HKG to AKL.

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